I miss Asia. I miss the smells. I miss the energy, the colors, the chaos. Most of all, I miss the flavors. Unless you’re cooking it yourself, there is nowhere in the Hudson Valley to enjoy the dynamic flavors of Asia, particularly Southeast Asia. Since living in Southeast Asia I have returned for a visit almost every year, eating, drinking, “researching” for Asian-inspired concepts on which, in my past life, I was working across the globe. Since making the full-time move to Old Chatham in 2011, however, those trips have been fewer and farther between.  full post>

The Day the Amtrak becomes the Orient Express

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This piece in First We Feast does a thorough job of enumerating many of the reasons why so much contemporary food writing sucks. Not coincidentally, this has more than a little to do with why we’ve started this quarterly. In all of our respective careers, one constant has been the way in which the creative expression of our true, uncensored personalities and talents has led to the most gratifying recognition and exciting opportunities. Saying what we think other people want to hear brings no fulfillment, though it can of course bring paychecks: thus are independent voices gradually made less so.   full post>

Autonomy Domine

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CLAMP CONNECTIONS by Andrew Janjigian

CLAMP CONNECTIONS by Andrew Janjigian


Steve's Existential Crisis Corner

The knife cuts through the apple like a knife cutting an apple. Everything is where it is, no clearer than usual, but certainly more present.
— Thomas Pynchon