Spring 2016

from the publisher


As we have reached out to friends old and new in an effort to expand the reach of the Fish & Game Quarterly beyond solipsistic ramblings concerning our little creative endeavors within the restaurant, I have resisted releasing any sort of “State of the Restaurant” type addresses. However, with all that’s happening this spring, it’s only appropriate that I update the reader.  full post>


Wherever You Go, There You Are

from the editor


As the story goes, Marco Polo brought pasta, now that most stereotypically Italian of foods, from China in 1295. Nearly two hundred years later, Columbus brought tomatoes and peppers from the New World. So Italian food as most of us understand it is a fairly recent development when measured against the nearly three thousand years since the founding of Rome. Spaghetti with tomato sauce represents the happy commingling of Asian noodles with New World nightshades, introduced to Italy centuries apart and quickly assimilated. Then of course the dish underwent further transformation last century as the largely Southern Italian immigrants to this country brought their tomatoey pastas, giving rise to the restaurant descriptor “red sauce Italian.”  full post>