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Welcome to the summer issue of our Quarterly. Don’t let the fact that summertime done come and gone diminish your enjoyment of the quality offerings we present, and be assured that future issues will issue in a more timely manner (right, Zak?)

This time around, we’ve commissioned stories dealing with shame in some way. One explores the fine line between foraging and stealing, another posits (in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary) that Taco Bell is actually good, a third explores the ethically fraught world of sponsored press junkets, and finally I get down and dirty with practitioners of a particularly messy food fetish.

We also have a recipe for suya from a Nigerian-American chef, Fish & Game’s own Tony Scotto shedding some light on the story and process behind his pasta technique, beverage recommendations from Mike, and a portfolio of paintings of cookbooks and kitchen tools.

We are especially proud to premiere a music video, too: Chris Maxwell’s “Arkansas Summer”, the title track from his solo record that came out earlier this year. I had the pleasure of cutting it together, using old home movies from his childhood and a contemporary scene of his mother, the song’s hero, making biscuits, along with some live footage we shot in an old church-turned-performance space outside of Woodstock. He included a recipe for his mother’s chocolate gravy (really a syrup) for pouring on biscuits.