Following chart-topping success across Europe at the dawn of the new millennium, Ambrosia Parsley determinedly dragged her avant-pop group Shivaree back into obscurity. Her new Christmas record of entirely original songs, a collaboration with Chris Maxwell and Holly Miranda, is out now. She's presently working on a book of inspirational limericks. 

Twitter: parsley23

Instagram: @msparsley

When I was a kid, about six I'd say, my family came into possession of one of those fancy TV sets. You know the kind, with the wooden cabinet and fancy tweed speakers. I'm not sure where it came from, but I've always guessed it wasn't new. It exploded about a week after we got it, thankfully right AFTER my mother woke me up at 3 a.m. to watch Princess Di pop out of a glass carriage. Still, despite its disfunction, it was easily the nicest piece of furniture in our house, so my parents left it there, got a smaller TV, and put it on top.

At Christmas time, my mother would get a roll of that corrugated brick paper. Remember that stuff? I think it's still around… anyway, she'd wrap the bottom TV in it to make it look like a fireplace. Some years, she'd even fashion some flames out of red foil. We hung our stockings on it.

After a few seasons, the second TV busted and my parents got another smaller TV and put it on top of that one. From then on, at Christmas, she'd make a fucking snowman out of it. Goddamnit, I love that woman. Merry Christmas, Ma.

-Ambrosia Parsley