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The big, happy news in our little corner of the world (in stark contrast to news of the wider world) is that Project 258: Making Dinner at Fish & Game is available now for pre-order. This book took three years of work, and, because of the way in which we went about creating it, it is exactly the book we wanted to make: a hybrid cookbook/lifestyle guide/coffee table art book to inspire and delight cooks of all stripes.

“Project 258 is a thoughtful celebration of the evolution of ingredients that will make you feel hungry and fulfilled at the same time. It’s more about living as a cook than a mere series of collectible recipes. It’s a way of shopping, cooking, and thriving in joy, love, and life! It is inspiring the way reading Thoreau is inspiring.”

-Mario Batali

This issue of our Quarterly brings you a treatise on wine and heartbreak from Alice Feiring, our nation’s foremost authority on natural wine. We also have a piece about an ill-conceived but vividly lived cooking trip to the Yucatán from writer/restarateuse Sabine Hrechdakian, a couple of culinary poems from expat Renaissance woman Dana Prescott, an agricultural mission statement by countercultural curmudgeon Peter Dunning, the subject of a new documentary by our friends Melissa Auf Der Maur and Tony Stone, and a Christmas song by our resident muses Ambrosia Parsley and Chris Maxwell (and Holly Miranda, too). And I take a whack at the recent reissue of Salvador Dalí’s cookbook.

We hope you spend the coming days cosily ensconced with family and friends. Come the new year, many things will change—some slowly, some very quickly. We’ll do our small part to keep compelling and transgressive culinary culture coming your way, among other forms of resistance and activism. And we’ll be on the road a bunch this spring doing readings, signings, and throwing parties in cities around the country as we roll out our spanky new book. Click that link above and stay tuned.