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Dear Friends & Family

The season is upon us!

And, well, I don’t know about you but I’m going to celebrate and eat and drink more than ever. I intend on filling in, and filling out, my role and rolls in a physical revolt against the cold and an aesthetic revolt against the divisiveness of fear that has reared its ugly head globally. I eat for beauty! For love! I eat for you!

…and you should join me…you should eat too!

These cold, short days have closed the curtain on a warm and dry and summer and fall. In fact, we experienced a drought this year, though few probably realized as even in times of drought our fair valley is still more fertile than most. The tomatoes were the best we’ve seen in years! We have 100 gallons stored in the basement of Fish & Game, each one jarred by our very own Jori Jayne.

Tony and the gang are making mad sauce and pasta shapes you’ve never seen!

The dry weather delivered us chilies with some intense heat and ripe, fruity flavor. Another Jori Jayne treat is the sambal that Steve Hernandez, recently having moved from Fish & Game to head up the kitchen at BackBar, is using as the base of curries and piquant veggie dishes.

Yes, I think this must be the best of all possible worlds or, at least, we can consider ourselves geographically fortunate.

While we struggle with politics and buffoonery and all sorts of shortsightedness, the best minds of our generation not destroyed by madness are questioning the nature of belief, as we believe it to be, as belief does not seem quite enough to impel us into action. Belief in these dark days of demagogues reads more like idle philosophy. Not harmful, but not potent in an anti-intellectual, overstimulated marketplace. Do we reconcile ourselves to the passive roles of the chorus, spouting asides, sad sidelined soothsayers, bemoaning our bleak future or perhaps we run amok, crazed and indignant beyond the point of rational action or, could we, will we, find an evolved approach to achieve that great utilitarian tenet of maximizing happiness for all?   

I don’t know, but I eat for you!

We’re diving into winter and here is what I do know: Fish & Game and BackBar have the best crews they’ve ever had. Tony and Steve are helming their respective kitchens with Kevin, Jori Jayne and me… Mike has been bringing in some old and rare wine, rounding out what is already the best list in the Valley… Jori, Joe, and Kat are mixing it up, literally, and easing our anxieties with suspiciously strong cocktails and yes, I’m going to eat my way through it… for you and for me.

The biggest news: This spring, The Fish & Game Cookbook arrives! Yes! It is a thing of beauty; the antidote to trying times. Hope!

Check it out (and preorder it) here:

Ease into the holidays… don’t be afraid to smile and rejoice, unapologetically, to love without cynicism and to spend a day puttering around the house in the silliest pair of pajamas you own!

Eat & Love!



 We’ll be closed on 12/24 (Christmas Eve) & 12/25 (Christmas Day), but open an extra night the following week (Wednesday 12/28) for dinner. Then we’re open for regular dinner hours on Thursday 12/29 and Friday 12/30.



Saturday 12/31. 

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Our final dinner service before we close for a winter respite: Sunday 2/26.

And our first night back, anticipating spring: Friday 3/31.