Following a Path Laid by Others

from the publisher


I’ve spent much of my career innovating: creating new concepts, new dishes (or new spins on existing dishes), and new environments. The constant generation of new ideas, calling upon the creative muse, was de rigueur for my chosen métier. Or so I thought until last month in Ho Chi Minh City, when I came face-to-face with a dish I should have met twenty years ago.  full post>


Letter for Spring

from the editor


Our book, Project 258: Making Dinner at Fish & Game, is out and available for sale. We spent over three years putting it together, and I think all of that time and care is plain to see on every page (much as the time and care that Zak, Jori, Kevin, and the crew put into the food can be tasted in every bite). Do yourself and your family a favor and order a copy. It will make you a better cook.  full post>