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Our book, Project 258: Making Dinner at Fish & Game, is out and available for sale. We spent over three years putting it together, and I think all of that time and care is plain to see on every page (much as the time and care that Zak, Jori, Kevin, and the crew put into the food can be tasted in every bite). Do yourself and your family a favor and order a copy. It will make you a better cook.

I tell the book’s origin story in this installment, and Zak explains the genesis of a new noodle dish that will appear on the menu when the restaurant opens after the March break. We also have two immigrant stories: our food historian’s family history expressed in a vernal dish and a photographer’s portraits of workers harvesting wine grapes in California. Also, Mike went to France to drink a lot and he recommends that you drink some of what he didn’t finish.


Enjoy, buy the book, and keep an eye out for events and signings near you. We’re going on a book tour this spring and much merriment will ensue. Updates can be found on the news page at