Dear Friends & Family

from the publisher


Welcome to yet another installment of the Fish & Game Quarterly.

For those of you who were paying attention, yes, we did miss an installment as we were working tirelessly at promoting our new book and running restaurants and enjoying the summer and it all seemed to get away from us. And, when I refer to “us,” I’m referring to a pretty small team… fortunately, we’re not too hung up on schedules or deadlines or consistency when it comes to our literary outpourings. full post>


The taste of a place—terroir in the wine world, where as Zak discusses in his letter unadulterated grape juice can have an uncanny ability to refract the essence of a parcel of land—can be a tricky thing to pin down in food. I took my son to Italy at the end of the summer, for two weeks, and needless to say we did some eating. He had his first carciofo alla giudia at my old local in the Jewish ghetto, even though I told him on the plane that the season was over so he wouldn’t get to; they bought artichokes from Northern France and so we ate them.   full post>

Win, Place, Show

from the editor