Botanical, and mycological elements commonly make their way into my nudes and portraits, sometimes by accident, often deliberately. Shooting nudes requires privacy and sunlight, which—at least during the warmer months—usually means a foray into the woods, far from prying eyes. Along the way I and my model (more than one of which, as it turns out, are expert botanizers) will keep an eye out for specimens to incorporate into our images. Other times, I will collect items to bring back to use the studio, whether from the wild, my own garden, or even the grocery store.



If my incipient photographic practice can be said to be "about" anything, it is—I suppose—a concrescence of my half-discarded passions mapped onto my latest one. I dwelt so often in the past with these intricate and fascinating things that it only makes sense that I'd be drawn to spend time with them again, camera in hand.

ANDREW JANJIGIAN (Alveoli Photography)

is a bread baker, erstwhile mycologist, and food writer based in Cambridge, MA.